Bamboo is "the green steel of the 21st century". It has resonated as a reliable and sustainable material for the future of construction. Bamboo construction is not a new technique, but it’s coming back to life due to increasing awareness of climate change. Building with bamboo means building functional art you can live in. Every single building is unique. We want to be part of this responsible movement, and together with our customers, create sustainable homes and hospitality projects.

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Benefits Bamboo grows in Indonesia.

  • It is strong like steel and concrete.
  • Bamboo is earthquake-resistant due to its great flexibility.
  • It is elegant and artistic and can be transformed into any desired shape.
  • bamboo grows extremely fast

What we do
We are the only one-stop bamboo builder. Our team will design your building to the provided guidelines, from the building shape to the interior design. We create 2D layouts and 3D visualizations to bring the project a step closer to you. After visualisation is completed, we process the technical drawings and prepare to build. Our qualified bamboo crafters will build the project from scratch and deliver the keys to your hand. Our bamboo construction service is available in Bali, Lombok and Sumbawa.

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