Sustainable and Energy Efficient Concrete Villas

Concrete construction is the most common and most durable building choice.The key advantage is that concrete buildings are almost maintenance free.
Greenwise uses modern building techniques to build an energy efficient and sustainable building to fit your specific needs. Whether it is a residential home, commercial villa complex or a resort, Greenwise covers it all.
We specialise in concrete finishings, whether it is classic painted walls or a polished concrete floor.
Our main focus lies on quality; no cracking and moisture in our buildings
To make your building a little greener and sustainable, we offer the following products.

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Rainwater collection system:
Rainwater will be collected and filtered. The water can be used to water your garden, for washing dishes or even for your daily use in the bathroom

Grey water System:
Used water from the sink, shower or washing machine is collected and filtered. The filtered water can then be used to flush your toilet or water your garden.

Solar panel system to power your home:
We offer two types of solar panel systems, so you may select the system which is best suited to your needs.
Off Grid system.
This system is not connected to the local electricity supplier and creates the energy entirely from solar panels.
Dual system.
This system is still connected to the grid, but helps to decrease your electricity bill.

LED lighting:
Due to their long life span, LED lights are environmentally friendly. Furthermore, LEDs are energy efficient which helps to decrease your daily energy consumption. Greenwise offers installation of smart lighting systems.

The key to lower energy usage is better insulation.
Greenwise offers sustainable windows with a higher insulation grade to keep the inside temperature stable. We keep it cool!

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