Plenty of advantages: greener, faster to build, earthquake-resistant, highly customizable, cheaper, etc.

Greenwise stands for green and durable modern construction. Shipping containers are the greenest building solution available on the market. Instead of breaking old shipping containers apart, we give them a new purpose, turning them into eco homes.

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Greener and Durable
Shipping containers are made of 5mm-thick steel and provide a strong structure which can carry up to 5 times its own weight, making it a perfect earthquake resistant building solution. In addition, shipping containers are waterproof, and with the right insulation material they allow you to cut down your electricity bill for air-conditioning.

Most of the construction will take place at our warehouse in Java, thus saving unnecessary shipping of machinery, tools and supplies to the building site.

Modular construction
One of the key advantages of container buildings is the modular construction. If you require an extension to your living space, it is possible to add additional containers to the existing construction. The reverse is also possible ‒ if you are moving, there is no need to leave your home behind. You can simply disassemble your home and relocate it to your new destination. There are 2 types of containers available for construction:

There are 2 types of containers available for construction:

  • 20-foot containers which are 5.90 metres long and 2.35 metres wide. Living space is 13.87m². Mostly used as bedroom sections.
  • 40-foot containers which are 12.03 metres long and 2.35 metres wide. Living space is 28.27m². Mostly used as living room and kitchen space.

No limitations on design Almost any kind of design or finishing is possible, and your container home will match the standard of any traditional construction. It's possible to cover the outside walls with skim-coat or wood to give your home the look of a brick or wooden house. Interior finishings are the same as any other house. Wooden floors, tiles or fiber cement walls can be used to give your container home a cozy look.

Advantages of shipping container construction

  • It is an economic construction method.
  • Construction time is short.
  • Containers are waterproof and very strong.
  • Thanks to standard sizes, transportation by truck and crane is easy.
  • A pad or strip foundation is sufficient.
  • It is a green building solution, as only a small amount of new materials will be used.

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