Build Eco Friendly Wooden Houses

Are you looking for something special?
Wooden houses are Eco friendly and have the pleasant look and natural feel.

Due to our long term experience in wood construction, our in-office architect is able to design your dream home in any shape possible, and we will build it at an affordable price.

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The key benefits of wooden house construction are the fast building time as well as the great insulation which the raw materials bring with it.
Additionally, wooden buildings are earthquake resistant due to their flexibility and are environmentally friendly as they are almost 100% recyclable.

Wooden houses are considered to be non-permanent buildings and are a great solution for any leasehold title land plots.
Once your land lease expires, it's possible to disassemble the house and transfer it to another location.

Wood construction is also a perfect solution for difficult terrain or remote locations such as small islands.
The building can be shipped in smaller pieces to the building site and assembled on location.

Greenwise builds your dream wooden house no matter which shape or which size.
We deliver the highest level of quality and build according to the finest traditional craftsmanship.

The construction and assembly process takes from 4 to 6 months.
We use only certified wood sourced from government plantations.

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